Monday, December 28, 2009

My Current PBEM Campaign

I thought I might start by posting on my current PBEM campaign. What is working, what isn't, etc... here is the high level...

World: Greyhawk (my first time as a DM, although I played as a character for years). I'm only using the 1983 Boxed Set, and the fairly new Greyhawk Gazetteer as source material and I am currently incorporating elements from classic adventures (Castle Amber, The Isle of Dread, The Lost City, etc..), and also using material from the Gygax Yggsburgh text placed just south of Greyhawk.

Rules: Castles and Crusades. Pretty much un-modified.

Characters: Gnome Druid (player resides near Salt Lake City), Elven Ranger (player resides in Italy), Human Barbarian (player resides in florida), Dwarven Paladin (Plays out of upstate New York), and Wolf Nomad Wizard (player resides near Seattle).

Everybody is currently second level and broke. They spent all their money funding an expedition into the desert to find a mysterious artifact that was captured under their nose by a half orc assassin. The artifact was found in a vein of pyrite mined from the ground by gnomes, and where the artifact was lodged in the solid mineral cyst, only maggots were found. The assassin is bringing the artifact so some powerful entity under the desert and the players have taken on themselves to stop him.

Number of Time Zones: (4)

Duration of game (~1 year real time, ~2 months game time)

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