Friday, June 25, 2010

Generation of Swine

I'm sitting here reading Generation of Swine by Hunter S. Thompson and what is tripping me out is how original this guys brain pattern is. Most people copy the thoughts and style of others in everything they create. Not Hunter.

Here he is riffing about Reagan:

"Reagan's children must be proud of him. With AIDS and acid rain, there is not much left in the way of life and love and possibilities for these shortchanged children of the '80's. In addition to a huge and terminally crippling national debt, and a shocking realization that your country has slipped to the status of a second-rate power, and that five American dollars will barely buy a cup of coffee in Tokyo, these poor buggers are being flogged every day of their lives with the knowledge that sex is death and rain kills fish and any politician they see on TV is a liar and a fool." ~ Hunter S. Thompson

I'm not sure what he would say if he was living in the foul year of our lord 2010... trickle down economics... lol... As I read this book I simultaneously want to laugh and vomit - now that is art. I wish I could have had brunch with him in vegas.

Anyway, the article I wrote about watery magic of vats and pools is definitely getting published - more to come on that soon. I think I am going to work on supplemental material for that article and put it up on this blog - extra spells, maybe some extra random tables.

The LL lord game that I was in flopped... our GM went turn coat on us and started a Mutant Future PBEM game. Who knows, maybe he will come back later. I wasn't feeling Mutant Future, although it received lots of good words on the nets, so in summary I'm back to a single game and I'm the DM. If anyone knows of any old school PBEM games where I could be a player - please let me know. I have some ideas for games that I could run as DM, but I would much rather be a player.


  1. A friend of mine was a close buddy of Hunter's (I'm sure you've heard of him if you're a Hunter fan.) He's been offering to buy me a beer lately - I'll ask him what he thinks he would have said about 2010 for ya! :P

    I would have loved to have RPG'd with HT, though I think he was more into LARP'ing on acid. Come to think of it, that would've been fun too...

  2. Myself and Old 4 Eyes are thinking about running a Call of Cthulhu PBEM - shout if you're up for it.

  3. @bulette - let me know if you discuss this over the beer. I second the idea of RPG'ing with Hunter. I wonder what class he would have preferred?

    @DG, I emailed you, I'm definitely up for a game of CoC.