Monday, September 13, 2010

Night of the Creeps

aliens, slugs, zombies with exploding heads, naked chicks, zombies killed with lawn mowers, space ships, fraternity house antics, slugs jumping into peoples mouths, random side plot about a psychotic axe murderer, flame throwers, stupid plastic looking alien people, horrible acting...

Seriously, what is there about this movie that is not to love? or maybe I housed a little too much theraflu and zicam.


  1. Now you've got my intrigue. Going to have to seek this one out!

  2. Yeah, that sounds good to me and sounds much better than Invasion of the Pod People. I believe I have a copy of The Grapes of Wrath that I need to consume also.

  3. When you watch the movie, take note that almost every character is named after a famous horror movie director :)

    These guys went out of their way to make a B-movie - way before the "Scary Movie" folks were making their satires. Some of the one liners are great - you just have to watch this movie with a certain frame of reference - I think booze helps...