Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birth and Death

I've got exciting news! I just joined a new PBEM labyrinth lord sword and sorcery game. I'm playing a red haired barbarian (Skarite) cleric of Wotan, Brannach.

Here is an overview of Brannach:

Name: Brannach
Class: Skarite Cleric
Level: 3
AC: 5 (Std Lthr + Shield)

Hit Points: 21

Appearance/Description: Brannach has a long mane of red hair that lies back on his shoulders. Upon his chest he bears studded leather armor gilded upon his forearms with bronze bracers. His zealous religion can be a bit off-putting to some.

Exp: 5001
Nxt: 6251

S: 14 +1 to attack and damage
D: 10
C: 13 +1 hp
I :13 +1 additional lang. Able to read and write.
W: 15 +2 to all magical saves, +5% to EXP
C: 7 +1 Reaction Adj, Max 3 retainers, Ret. Morale 6

Weapons: Light Mace +1 to attack (1d6+1), Sling (1d4)


2 pair of clothes (2gp, 2lb)
Studded Leather (30gp, AC6, 20lb)
Light Mace (5gp, 1d6, 3lb)
Shield (10gp, AC-1, 10lb)
Sling + 10 bullets (2gp, 5lb)

BackPack (2gp, 2lb)
Bronze Bracers (1gp, 1lb)
HolySymbol (silver) (25gp, 1lb)
1 Wineskins of water (1gp, 8lbs)
4 vials (4gp, 1lb)
50ft Hemp Rope (1gp, 10lb)
6 trail rations (3gp, 6lb)

On mule: Saddle and saddlebags (5gp), 3 more wineskins (3gp), feed for mule 5 days (1gp), bedroll (1gp)

Animals: Mule (30gp)

Wealth: 16gp

Saves: BA:16 Poi&Death:11 PP:14 Wand:12 Spell:15

Cleric Abilities: Turn Undead, Spells, Diety is Wotan (Odin)

Languages: Common, Sharan

History: I can work it out later... perhaps something to discuss with the party over a roaring bonfire?

I'm pretty excited about getting involved in an old school flavored DnD game as a player (not GM)!!! But, I've decided I'm pausing my Mythic solo game Streets of Madness for now to gain some internet time to devote toward posting in my Greyhawk Castles and Crusades game (as GM) and posting as a player in this LL game.

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