Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Potential Variation in Rolemaster

One of my favorite things in Rolemaster Express is the lack of Potential Stats.  Making an average Rolemaster Classic character takes around 45-60 minutes and probably 15 minutes of that is rolling up stats and potential stats, cross-referencing multiple tables as you go.  The Express version saves you nearly all of that 15 minutes.

With Rolemaster express assign a set group of  5 numbers to your primary and development stats.  This is quick and allows you to customize your character.

Adding more variety:

As a house rule, I'm going to allow my players to replace the standard set of 5 numbers:




This will give you the ability to get that 1 really great stat at the expense of two others if you wish and will give PC's more options.  I thought about allowing stat point trading, but I think that is almost too flexible and prone to min-maxing.  I will only allow players to swap out either their primary stats or their development stats with this method (not both).

Potential increases:

While I hated the mechanism of "potential" stats, I did like that you could increase your stats during the life of your character.  As another house rule, I'm going to allow players to mark or "star" 3 stats out of 10.  Each time they level their character, if they can roll higher than that stat, they can increase the stat score by 1 pt.  I will probably max this increase out by ~5 pts.  Maybe to allow for some variation I will allow increases of 1d3+4?  If they choose a stat this is really high, it will be hard to increase due to the small chance of rolling high enough.  I may allow PC's to spend a few development points in this case to increase their stats by only 1pt per level.

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