Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to the White Box

After making two characters using the rolemaster rules, our group balked at the magnitude of the endeavor.  We barely have time to play, let alone invest 1-2 hours per player just to generate characters.

It's sad on one hand, because I really wanted to rekindle the joy of Rolemaster for some new players who have never experienced it.  However, I decided to turn back to the direction that I've been progressing.  Heading backward in time, to go forward...

One of my other favorite things about the S&W white box rules is it is so easy to house rule.  I'll be posting up the house rules that I'm using in the next several posts. Most of them are changes to increase survivability in the first few levels.

Here is a quote from Matt Finch at the beginning of the White Box Rules to set the tone of this game:

 "SWORDS & WIZARDRY: WHITEBOX is a fantasy role-playing game. The
rules are extremely short compared to the multi-paged rule libraries required to
play most modern games. Yet, this game contains within itself the soul of
mythic fantasy and the kindling of wonder. The game is powerful because it’s
encapsulated by such a small formula—like a genie imprisoned in the small
compass of an unremarkable lamp."

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