Tuesday, May 28, 2013

White Box House Rules Part 2: Druids

Druid (only humans and half elf, max 10th level):

Druids are neutral clerics with their own spell lists they suffer a -10% experience penalty due to extra abilities, which may be somewhat offset by high wisdom (+5% for >15 Wis).  See GM for spell list if you should want to make a druid.  They use only natural armor and limited weapons (dagger, staff, sickle, etc…).  At higher level, druids gain the following powers:

Immunity to fire (1st): +2 to saves vs. fire

Initiate Powers (2nd): At 2nd level the Druid gains the following abilities; identify pure water, identify plants, identify animals, and pass through overgrowth.

Shape Change (6th): At this level, Druids may take the shape of a mammal, reptile, or bird. The Druid may shape change up to 3 times per day, but is limited to one type (bird, reptile, mammal) per day. The size of the animals the Druid shape changes into ranges from as small as a raven to as large as a bear. Changing from one form to another heals the Druid of 2d6 points of damage previously sustained.

Charm Immunity (6th): Druids at this level are immune to charm spells from woodland or water creatures such as dryads.

*This druid build used much of the detail from Salvatore Macri's White Box Heroes.  It is a really cool document.  I'm planning not to use many of the spells and instead make up my own list, but I used a few of the powers he had used.

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