Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Whitebox House Rules Part 4: The Wizard


Again, wizards are pretty much as written in the core rules.  However, wizards of the realms will each have a special ability.  This ability isn’t very powerful but helps at lower levels and in roleplaying the wizard.  It is the raw core of the wizard’s ability and shows how their magic manifested in their youth:

1.     Eye of the Enchanter:  by locking eyes with the weak willed they get +1 skill attempt at intimidation and influence.  The GM determines who is weak willed.  Opponents get -1 to saves from this type of wizard’s charm magic.
2.     Beast Friend: these wizards have a familiar – a small animal bonded to them from youth.  They can communicate with the animal at its level and the creature will try to help them.  They tend to have good results with animal magic.
3.     Kinetic Wizard: these wizards have a minor telekinetic ability, they can slowly move objects under ½ lb within 10 ft of their bodies with their minds.  This can not be used to do damage, or pull a weapon from an opponents grasp.  It could slowly move a key, or small item off a tray, etc…
4.     Diviner:  this wizard has the power of visions, in a manner agreed upon by player and DM.  The player should never have more than 1 per week, and they may exact a toll on the player’s physicality.  The GM decides what is seen and how it relates to the current story.
5.     Enchanter:  this type of wizard can sense magic in items, and if handled has a chance at automatically determining their magic.  Later on in their career, they have bonuses with using identification magic, enchanting items, etc…
6.     Hedge Mage/Witch:  using strange recipes of herbs, rituals, etc… this type of wizard can perform small tasks.  Ease the pain of birth, reduce fever, help plants grow, etc… this type of wizard is beloved by the common folk.

There are many other possibilities, elemental wizards, rain mage (dances and makes it rain!), necromancer vision (I see dead people), and others, discuss with GM any ideas you might have.

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