Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whitebox House Rules Part 6: Char Gen and Adventuring Mods

Stat generation: Roll 4d6 drop lowest in order.  Then switch any two stats.  Human PC’s get to add +1 to any stat.

1st level HP:  roll twice for HP at first level and take the best roll.

Combat Time:  a round is assumed to be approximately 10 seconds.  There are 60 rounds in a turn (10 minutes).  A battle is assumed to last ~ 1turn counting “clean up” and resting.


A character with move 12 can move 120’/turn in a dungeon (moving slow, mapping), they can move 1/3 their normal turn based move in feet per round in combat (40’/round), and 120’/round if running.  This equates to 4ft/second hustle/ walking rate, and 12’/second if running.  The GM will determine overland movement rates depending on road conditions, weather, and the PC move rate.
Missile Weapons:

Due to the shortened combat round, characters with bows can fire at 1/round.  Light crossbows can fire at 1 missle everytwo rounds.  Heavy crossbows can fire 1 missile every three rounds.  Higher level archery fighter specialists have been known to achieve faster rates of fire.


Characters do not die when they reach 0 HP.  Instead they go unconscious at 0HP.  If a character takes a hit sending them to negative HP, they begin losing 1 HP per round.  Characters die when they reach -5HP or -1HP/level whichever is greater.


  1. If your two HP rolls are a tie, are BOTH the best roll? e.g. Fighter gets 1+1 HD. Rolls 3 & 3. So 3+3+1= 7 hp.

    This also prevents the 1 HP character.


  2. I wasn't thinking that, but it is a pretty interesting thought. I would have given the hypothetical player 4HP. You method would certainly allow for some high HP at first level, but with a low chance of it happening. I was merely reducing the chances of my players getting stuck with 1HP, not eliminating the possibility.

    Since in White box you re-roll all dice at each level and take the new HP roll only if it is better than last level, you will quickly erase bad HP rolls at low levels (if you live that long). Most of the rules changes I've made are designed to increase survivability at low levels.