Friday, June 22, 2012

Rumors about Elves

Common folk in the realms don't know much about elves, but they like to think they do.  Here are 1d5 rumors about elves, any of which just might be true:

1: "Bugs and flies don't like to sting elves, they just don't taste right"
2: "The songs of elves can have strange powers over men.  They can lull you to sleep, or even pull you into the faerie realm.  Let that be a warning to you about messing around near those old stones!  Now get back to work..."
3:  "Elves aren't born like you or me, they just crawl right out of the roots of trees."
4:  "You canna ever tell how tall an elf really is.  A 'times they appear really short like a dwarf, and other times they are taller'en old John.  They just charm you inta thinking whatever they want!"
5: "Elf magic can shape the trees however they want.  The elves of old used to grow swords and armor from the old ironwood trees of the greatwoods!"

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