Sunday, March 7, 2010

My new player

I added another player to my PBEM Greyhawk game. He is playing a female Rhenne thief named Esmeralda. My players have explored a little more of the dungeon now - and so I inserted the new character into the dungeon with the following backstory:

There are some strange albino people living in this underground complex. You came to the dungeon with a group of adventurers who were exploring the desert for sunken treasures lost to time. When you came to this lost city, your group was beset by a group of six legged lizard creatures and slain. While they were fighting you found a secret door at the base of the idol and ran into the dungeon.

Talk about out of the fire and into the flames. As you entered the dungeon you were immediately immersed into a horrible fight between two groups of albino men whose language you couldn't understand. In the midst of the this battle was strange half orc who was carrying something like a quarterstaff wrapped in leather on his back. Both groups seemed to be trying to capture this half-orc alive, while also trying to kill each other.

You never got to see how it all turned out, because somebody with a club smashed you over the head. When you woke up you were without your backpack, trapped in a room in the dungeon in the pitch black with nobody about. Luckily, your money pouch was still at your belt and you still had your trusty thieves picks and your dirk. Otherwise you are lacking equipment and trapped in this dungeon probably waiting to starve to death.

Just then you hear a strange scuffling noise outside of the door...

He, he, he - I love just tossing new characters right into the middle of the game! It is one of the things that gives me the GM jollies!

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