Friday, March 19, 2010

The New Solo (maybe Duo) Game

I figured out what I'm doing for my solo (maybe duo) game. It will be using Mythic&Risus and will be a horror/mystery genre, I'm thinking of calling it: Streets of Madness.

Here is my character:

James “Jimi” Harrigan


A lean hard man with the characteristic black overcoat covering a wrinkled suit. Jimi was in Operation Desert Storm where he served his country and saw some things that would make you shiver. He has also seen a couple of things in this city that would spin your head but he tells no one so they don’t think he is crazy. Once Jim gets into a case and starts following a lead he becomes an obsessed bloodhound following the clues where ever they lead. You better hope they don’t lead to you...


“Nose to the Grind” Detective (4), Ex-Special Forces (3), Alcoholic Weekend Warrior (2), Stared into the Dark (1)


Beat up car (with one police light that he can throw up on top in times of need and a police radio), wrinkled suit, 9mm pistol with side holster and three clips, cell phone, notepad, pencil, swiss army knife, metal flask with the hard stuff, Big Red chewing gum

In the back of his car he also has:

12 guage shotgun in the trunk, crowbar, spare tire, rope, duct tape, coffee cups, portable filing case with files

Cliche Explanations:

“Nose to the Grind” Detective: following leads, interrogation, dodging the landlord, dodging bullets, putting crooks in jail, hitting the bottle, shooting pistols, picking locks, using the internet, connections in the force, police authority, reading people

Ex-special forces: being tough as nails, running, shooting, hiding, being unfazed under gunfire, having nightmares and not talking about them

Alcoholic Weekend Warrior: knowing every bar in town, being able to handle a bottle, knowing the regulars in most of the downtown places, waking up in an alley

Stared into the Dark: thinking that there might be strange things out there that regular people don’t know about, having a little bit of knowledge about the occult

The influences for the game to name a few: Sin City, Lovecraft, Seven, Dark City, The Big Sleep, Trail of Cthulhu, The Wire, The Salton Sea, the Black Dahlia, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, X-Files, etc...

This is my first modern game in a while and I'm expecting it will be full-on cliched and fun! I'm pretty excited about it. Now I just have to figure out if my buddy is going to join in... figure out where I'll locate it and get going.

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to see how the game turns out.