Monday, October 18, 2010

The Massive Waterdeep Map

I got my new copy of City System today in the mail. I had to run down into the man-cave and put together the massive ~5.5 by ~11 ft map of Waterdeep that comes in the box. My girlfriend looked at me dubiously while I did this... I think she thinks that is probably the nerdiest thing she has ever seen. A massive 10 part map of an imaginary city - I love being a gamer!!!


  1. It's quite awesome, isn't it? I picked myself up a copy of the City System off of ebay, a couple of months ago. :)

  2. It is really awesome. In the past I had the City of Splendors boxed set which was claimed by fire almost a decade ago now. That set had a large map of Waterdeep (which was about 1/3 or so of this size). Getting this map really got me pumped to start up this campaign!