Saturday, January 2, 2010

Example - combat vs. skeletons


Lo'Stranner pushes Lienen's hands away from the horses, " We need your strength
at the forefront - my arrows are less effective against these creatures!". He
continues to bind the horses down while the barbarian hefts his greatsword and
turns to rush toward the scene unfolding. In the midst of the group Nau Gui
conjures forth a magical shield, his spell rushed and breathy sounding in the
humid night air.

Grarym steps forth and begins to call forth the power of Moradin to turn back
these creatures , however, at the last moment he is overcome by some dark power
and the force that he was channeling slips away from his grasp. As the dwarf
falters the skeletons surround him chopping down with their ancient rusty blades
sparking forth the ringing sound of metal on metal. Grarym quickly recovers and
beats one of the skeletons back with the heft of his axe.

At the side of the dwarf Geodine recites his entangle spell with all the
concentration and speed and lactating??? :) he can muster. Growler and Scruffy
flank the short gnome each standing nearly the same height as he. Geodine is
able to complete his spells only moments before the undead reach him and it
entangles two of the skeletons standing in front of him. As two of the undead
are stepping forward out of the writhing plant matter, unbalanced, Growler and
Scrffy leap forward at them. As a team they jump again and again at the undead,
foiling the slow chopping sword attacks and within a few seconds Scruffy is
gnawing on the leg of one of the skeletons. The skeleton that lost its leg is
now crawling after the dog swing at it ineffectually while the dog runs in front
of the skeleton holding its leg!!!

Two more of the undead slip through the initial line of Geodine and Grarym and
head toward NauGui, although one of the undead is battered back by the magical
shield, the other is able to swing through and slide its thin saber across the
belly of the barbarian wizard cutting a long but shallow wound. Leaping forth,
Leinen brings the thunder of the Lortmill Mountains on the skeleton with the
saber (natural 20!!!). His sword comes cracking down splintering bones from
head to pelvis on the skeleton. It falls to the ground cluttering and clacking
as the magic is released.

As Lo'Stranner completes the binding of the horses, he catches a strange flash
of pink and yellow colors somewhere out there in the dark with his elven eyes.
Then the party members hear a strange flapping noise, followed by a loud screech
from Hooters as if he is in pain, and maybe a small giggle, like out of a female
child. Suddenly, as if echoing from all sides, rhyming sing-songy children
voices cant,

"Lost in the da'ark, lost in the da' ark...
see them da' ance, see them fi' ight,
they should give in, and have some fun,
dancing in the da' ark, dancing with the dead!"

At the end of this outburst the silly giggles repeat echoing from all sides of
the party. You wonder what dark thing is taking on the voices of children and
taunting you as you fight for your lives... several more skeletons step forth
from the mist to the south flanking the party and nearest to Lo'Stranner.

Round 1 Summary:

This is a mixed melee and all party members are within 30 feet of each other.

Grarym is at the point of the party surrounded by four skeletons. HP=16/24
Geodine is right next to him with two skeletons on him, Scruffy, and Growler.
Lo Stranner is without enemies nearby but he can rush in and attack the new
skeletons or any of the skeletons on the group in the same round.
Leinen and NauGui share a final skeleton. Nau Gui HP = 6/8

Two other skeletons are currently entangled firmly.

Geodine Animals Stats:

Hooters,HD 1d4, HP 4, Flight, Claws (1), Beak (1d2)
Growler, HD 1d8, HP 6, Claws (1d2, 1d2), Bite (1d3)
Scruffy, HD 2d6, HP 9, Bite (1d4)

Scruffy and Growlers are not wounded, Hooters may be wounded but you don't know.

[this post was from Oct 31st, it was the last time my PC's have seen combat in my game... I had been watching the evil dead series at the time, which was the inspiration for my strange little poem :) ]

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