Friday, January 15, 2010

Greyhawk PBEM Update

Things are really starting to get interesting in my Greyhawk campaign. My PC's just crossed the Bright Sands desert to find this sunken city, the trip was hard but due to their druid they were never without water. They had a hard time with a sand flea infestation (they rendered an oil from horse fat to suffocate the fleas finally) and got into a fix with a salt marsh in the middle of the desert that had corrosive salts (caused a little rusting of weapons and burned one character who tried to use the salt to kill the fleas). The ranger and druid found an aloe plant and healed the victim.

They made it to the city to find a triple statue above the city of an old maid, a middle aged woman, and a yound maiden. It is an idol to the god Ishu (an aspect of Istus worshiped ~800 years ago by the inhabitants of the sunken city). They also found some strange insect lizard hybrids, but managed to sneak around them without having to fight them.

They just entered the upper part of the pyramid (which they don't know is a pyramid). They found the tracks of the half orc assassin (which is who they followed into the desert, he is carrying an ancient evil artifact and also killed a friend of the dwarf paladin, but that is a long story). It was here that I read over their character sheets (we post them as txt docs online) - they only have three torches... It will be interesting to see how they handle this without access to the continual light spell (they are only 2nd level). Only the gnome and dwarf have darkvision.

If they don't just give up (considering that they don't have any torches) I have some really strange stuff waiting for them in this dungeon ~~ insert evil DM cackle here.

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