Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dungeon Alphabet

I just got my copy of the Dungeon Alphabet. I've been reading The Society of the Torch, Pole and Rope for a while now. Maybe a year. Its a pretty good blog; this book is better.

I haven't had time to read it through with care yet. I won't have time tonight either, since I have to post in all my PBEM games tonight.

Top level review:

The art ~~~ it is awesome, there is amazing art on almost every page. The Erol Otus on page 5 is friggin cool. I stared at that single page long enough that I wasn't able to read the whole book. I wanted to be there while each line was drawn and be able to see how it came together. Also, the Easley drawing on page 36 - priceless. The Mullen on the inside cover... Crazy... Hats off to Goodman Games and Michael Curtis - they done good.

The substance ~~~ tables.... yummy tables.... full of gem-studded ideas to speckle your dungeons with glittery goodness. I see me using this book with dice and a maniacal grin in the near future. Mr. Curtis came up with some really cool thoughts and put them together in a delicious array. I really enjoy books like this that instead of boring into the gruesome details - take a more blurry approach and give the DM a bunch of nifty ideas laid out with broad strokes.

Overall - dang fine job! I'm looking forward to reading it all this weekend.

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