Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gaming ADD

No not advanced dungeons and dragons - attention deficit disorder... many gamers are afflicted.

It is one of these things. Over the years I have had more games that I want to play or DM than I have time.

I really want to play a horror campaign, maybe C O C?

And a space campaign. Maybe a space horror campaign or maybe something like the Serenity movie.

And I've been reading up on Savage Worlds and I think that could be fun. I have also thought of playing a diceless fudge campaign with either a poker deck or a tarot deck as the resolution mechanism.

Oh, and I would really like to get the guys together around the table to play a dungeon crawl game using one of the retro clones (race as class and everything!). And something with robot wizards.

And the list goes on... man, to be independently wealthy and have nothing but time to game...


  1. Gamer A.D.D. seems to be a spreading phenomenon for 2010. This is the second mention of the disorder I have seen this month.

  2. Yeah, mine seems to come and go, this year might prove to be a bad one :) I recently watched a lot of movies that instilled inspiration and saw a lot of game systems that I wanted to play. I'm going to try and keep my Greyhawk game as the focus this year... and only try to get one more game started up. But with the near infinite array of choices it will be a doozy trying to narrow it to what I want to start.

  3. Well, as bad as I feel for you, it's nice to know I'm not the only one suffering with this disorder. :P