Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Monster: The Hextasaur


Creature Type: Mutant (insect - reptile hybrid)

Size: Large

No. Enc.: 2d10

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 30 ft

Armor Class: 6 (4 from the front)

HD: 4d8

Attacks: 1 or 2

Damage: Bite 2d4, Tail 1d12

Saves: P

Intelligence: Animal

Treasure: Nil

Special: Feelers, hard to knock prone

Description: Hextasaurs are desert dwelling hybrids with insect and reptilian features. The creature has six legs on the torso, propelling forward the crocodilian like head that is plated with chitinous armor ridges. It can attack with either its bite or by lashing out with its serpentine tail which has sharp edges like blades running down it.

Hextasaurs live in caves where they lay eggs. Their eggs suffer a low birth rate due to feeding by the adult pack combined a complete post-copulation parental detachment. The low birth rate keeps the population typically less than two dozen of a pack. The Hextasaurs have a pair of long feelers that come off the head of the beast and can be used to track scents with the same efficiency as a bloodhound. They will track wounded creatures for hours or even days if the wounds are not bound or healed.

Hextasaurs emit a high pitch shriek when startled or when defending their food source from another predator. When they shriek the plates around their head come up similar to a lion’s mane from their normal position of lying flat along the neck.

Hextasaurs were created for my Greyhawk campaign and were placed in the Bright Lands desert where they are inhabiting a small portion of this sunken city my PC’s are investigating. The PC’s were shaken somewhat by their appearance and did not decide to engage them in combat. My explanation for the generation of these creatures is by mutation of indigenous reptiles by evil magics from an otherworldly visitor lying beneath this sunken city for centuries.

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