Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clockwork Wasps

I LOVE clockwork creatures. I use them all the time. In my PBEM Greyhawk adventure I just sprung these little guys on my adventuring party. Stats for use in Castles & Crusades - but portable to any ODD product or retro-clone.

Clockwork Wasp
No Encountered: Varies
Size - Small
HD -2d6
Move - 5 ft crawl, 50 ft (fly)
AC - 15
Attacks - 1 - Stinger - 1d4
Special - Poison
Saves - Physical
Int - low
Alignment - N
Type: Construct
Treasure: Variable
EXP:20 + 2/hp


Clockwork wasps are created by a combined feat of engineering, metal craft, and magic. They appear as large wasps made of iron, with membranous wings that are constantly vibrating. They have a constant buzzing noise due to this vibration when activated. They are un-affected by magic that affects the mind and illusions. Electrical attacks will automatically paralyze a clockwork wasp for 1 turn by scrambling its power source. During this time it will do nothing but twitch helplessly. The wings of a clockwork wasp are vulnerable and if destroyed greatly reduce its mobility. Their stinger is equipped with 1d6-2 doses of poison (type selected by GM - typically death poison or paralyzation poison is used). If a zero or negative number is rolled - the wasp is out of poison (perhaps it used it on another adventurer in the past).

Clockwork wasps are used as guardians for treasure troves - their number is usually proportional to the treasure they are guarding. They can be programmed not to attack creatures bearing a token, or can recognize certain faces.

In this dungeon adventure I am running the PC's have just run across 8 of these guys guarding a wrought iron cage full of treasure (they are integrated into the iron decoration of the cage). In my campaign these guys are equipped with death poison, so if the PC's get greedy we could have some save or die rolls coming up...

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