Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crunch, Crunch

I just placed an order for Rolemaster Classic. I used the coupon that was posted on the RPG Blog II. I'm pretty excited about it. My main goal for this year is to actually get a consistent tabletop gaming group. I thought I had a group starting up in November of this year (and I didn't have to be the DM wooooo hooo!!!) but alas I'm pretty sure that will never happen. We haven't met up since we made characters in the first week of Nov. I even said that I would play some 4th edition DnD even though I'm not a fan of the rules.

I've thought about it and since my two games online use very rules light systems I'm going to play a crunchy rule system. Initially, I was thinking Savage Worlds, but I purchased the explorers edition and for some reason it didn't "click" with me. Then something got me remembering the fun that we had with the old MERP system a long time ago. I found the Iron Crown Website a couple of days ago and then I finally pulled the trigger on a package of 3 Rolemaster Classic's softcovers.

I guess the only additional book that would really be nice to have after these is the monsters and treasure book. Lets see how my initial reaction to Rolemaster is first. I haven't looked through a rules heavy system book in a long time - so I may want to take it slow. But I have to say... I'm pretty much slavering over the thought of all those critical tables.

Maybe I'll post some fliers and see if there are any folks who would like to play some rolemaster in my area.

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