Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rulz Light Pub Crawl

I think the next thing up on my blog agenda is a rulez light pub crawl. I'm going to cover all the rules sets that I have a special love for. I'm thinking of rating them on a couple of metrics - some quantitative and some categorical:

Elements analysis (what are the core elements of the game - does it have skills? does it have classes? is there a probability mechanic and what is it like?

Adaptibility (a measure of how many different kinds of games you can run with this rules system.

Feather Scale (1-10 scale with 10 being totally Free-Form-almost-no-rules gaming)

Combat (a description of how they handle combat and what to expect from combat in this game)

Longevity (how does the game handle long campaigns, or is it more suited for short gaming sessions)

If anybody has other ideas of aspects that I should cover - let me know :)

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